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Exmouth Watersports operates at Orcombe Point, the start of the UNESCO Jurassic coast. The red rocks at Orcombe Point tell a story of roasting sun and shallow seas from 250,000 million years ago...
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Guest Blog Post – Exmouth Watersports

Today, the sandy beach that covers Exmouth is brilliant for the whole family to enjoy a day on the beach with some traditional trappings. For Exmouth Watersports, this is home and where we offer lessons and hire for Kayaking, paddle boarding, and mega SUPs. The conditions are favourable for progression but sometimes we are just better off going surfing and body boarding with our customers. It is not a go-to wave destination which is better for most visitors to Exmouth, but there can be some fun in small to moderate waves.

The sandy beach starts at the estuary and finishes at Orcombe, though there is a great low tide walk to Sandy Bay and back, and if you get caught by the tide you can walk back along the South West Coast Path. Exmouth enjoys a great deal of sunshine and often you can watch the clouds on the Moors hang in the distance while we bathe in the sunshine.

There is a lot of parking but in the summer arrive early to make sure you get a space and relax on the beach. We have a campsite near the beach, Prattshayes Campsite, which is very popular and with many visitors pre-arranging their watersports with us. One of my favourite paddles for the more experienced paddler is from Orcombe Point to Sandy Bay and back, which is about 3 miles.

The beachfront is a very popular destination, it offers ample space for windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and wing foiling. On a windy day many sailors like the flat water at low tide in the estuary mouth, a very popular spot for kitesurfing and wing foiling. Sometimes in windy conditions, a swell can run at Orcombe which is worth a visit. Launch in the normal beachfront spots and pop downwind to have some fun in the waves or sail infant in flat water. High tide can be lumpy as there is a return wash from the beach defences. Personally, I do not mind high tide, but, you want to sail outback well away from the confused water state near the beach. Plan your day on the water with care to make sure that you get the best conditions for yourself as there is always a strong tide in Exmouth.

In summary Exmouth has something for everyone, family beach days and watersports sessions. Intermediate to advanced wind sports for the front, choosing you spot that suits you best. Plan your day, check the weather and make sure your equipment is in good condition and enjoy watersports in Exmouth in safely.

Find out more about watersports in Exmouth on our website here.

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