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Exmouth, a charming coastal town in East Devon, is not only known for its breathtaking views of the sea but also for its vibrant pub scene.Step into the heart of Exmouth's social scene with our curated list of the best pubs in town. From cosy taverns steeped in history to vibrant hotspots buzzing with energy, Exmouth offers a diverse array of establishments where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy good company and excellent drinks.
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The Famous Old Barrel

Nestled in the heart of Exmouth, The Famous Old Barrel exudes warmth and character. With its traditional decor and friendly staff, it’s a favourite haunt for locals and visitors alike. The pub offers a selection of real ales, craft beers and hearty pub grub, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

The Grove Pub

Situated near the Exmouth Marina, The Grove Pub boasts stunning views of the waterfront. Whether you choose to relax in the spacious terrace or cosy up indoors, you’re in for a treat. The pub features an extensive menu of classic pub fare and a well-stocked bar serving everything from local brews to cocktails.

The Grapevine Brewhouse

The Grapevine Brewhouse is not just a pub; it’s a haven for beer lovers. What sets it apart is its dedication to crafting exceptional brews right on-site. With a state-of-the-art brewing facility, visitors are treated to a diverse selection of handcrafted beers, each bursting with flavour and character.

The Queen Vic

It’s been a pub for years and been called numerous names, including The Clipper and The Merchant, but as of June 2024 it’s been relaunched as The Queen Vic!

The building was formerly East India House. In the late 18th Century the site was used as a Tea Warehouse by the East India Company. They used the route from Exmouth to London by coach and horses: this being quicker than passing through Bristol. In 1955, the full licence was taken up, the premises becoming Leonard’s Bar, The Clipper, The Merchant and now The Queen Vic.

The Beach Pub

True to its name, The Beach Pub offers a prime location just steps away from Exmouth’s sandy shores. Whether you’re craving a refreshing pint after a day of sunbathing or a hearty meal with a sea view, this pub delivers. With live music events and a welcoming vibe, it’s the ideal spot to soak up the seaside ambiance.

First and Last Inn

The First and Last Inn is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This traditional country pub charms visitors with its traditional interiors. Pull up a chair and enjoy a pint of local ale or tuck into a hearty meal made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Or head down to one of their event nights to catch local musicians performing a medley of tunes!

Exmouth Arms

With its vibrant atmosphere and live entertainment, the Exmouth Arms is a lively pub popular with locals and tourists. With an array of live music performances, there’s always something happening at this bustling establishment. Pair your drink of choice with a delicious pub meal and join in the fun.

The Bicton Inn

Steeped in history and charm, The Bicton Inn is a traditional pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Exmouth, this historic establishment dates back centuries and retains much of its original character. Enjoy a selection of real ales, ciders and wines while soaking up the pub’s cosy ambiance.

Land & Sea

Perched on the edge of Exmouth Marina, Land & Sea offers unrivalled views of the boats bobbing in the harbour. This family-friendly pub welcomes guests with its relaxed vibe and extensive menu of pub classics and contemporary dishes. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick drink or a leisurely meal, you’re sure to be impressed by the picturesque setting.

Whether you’re seeking sea views, live entertainment or traditional charm, Exmouth’s pubs have something for everyone. So why not grab a pint, raise a glass and toast to the vibrant pub scene of this delightful Devon town?

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