Watersports on the Exe Estuary

The estuary at Exmouth is a site of scientific interest and, from September to January, a very safe haven for migrating birds.  There is lots of life in the water and of course the resident seal sometimes can be seen basking on a buoy.  There is a lot going on in the estuary, the sailing clubs, Exe wake for water skiing and of course paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing with us, Exmouth Watersports. Not to mention the famous floating restaurant, tour to Lympstone, Topsham, there really is so much to do.
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Guest Blog Post – Exmouth Watersports

The estuary is flat shallow water that warms up in the summer to be more like bath water. It is an ideal place to learn watersports. We also have a centre in the estuary and it is where we introduce beginners and help intermediates improve their watersports skills. This is a go-to destination for most watersports enthusiasts as the conditions are so easy. A very relaxed safe place to enjoy a day with the family, perhaps a picnic on the green and an easy walk into town.

Here at Exmouth Watersports we’ll teach you about the tides and how to stay safe. 2 hours before high tide is a good time to launch and depending upon the tidal range we would suggest that an hour after high tide could be tricky as the water flow will increase dramatically, see the rule of twelfths for tidal rate prediction. Our novices often will depart the water as the tide turns. The experts tend to make the best of every last drop of water. The estuary will go dry as you would expect, do not chance your luck, plan your day.

In wind sports, prevailing winds typically come from the South West or Westerly directions, gently guiding you into the bay, and ensuring your safety. When a North Westerly wind graces the scene, it’s a delightful surprise, often stronger than anticipated, making it an ideal choice for those seeking adventure. However, caution is advised when exploring other beaches farther offshore during North Westerly conditions, unless you’re aboard a yacht. Conversely, Easterly winds push away from the estuary, demanding a high level of respect and careful consideration of both your watercraft and personal experience.

In summary, the estuary is a great destination for watersports being a gentle destination that everyone can enjoy. Just a little stroll into town for lunch and plenty of shops. Beginners and intermediates prosper in the estuary, plan your day and make sure you get the tides right. When you join us we plan that for you.

Find out more about watersports in Exmouth on our website here.

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