Sustainable stays in Exmouth 

Discover eco-friendly getaways in Exmouth, where sustainable living meets coastal charm, and experience guilt-free relaxation...
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Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Sandy Bay 

Boasting a striking coastline adorned with dramatic cliffs, a pristine pebble beach, and iconic geological formations, Ladram Bay Holiday Park offers a diverse range of accommodation. From luxury lodges and glamping pods to camping and touring pitches, there’s something for all tastes and budgets here.  

The outstanding views are not the only thing that Ladram Bay are proud of; they also have a number of sustainability initiatives. The holiday park is committed to various recycling schemes to reduce waste, plus they are presently embarking on a water conservation exercise. For guests they encourage the use of public transport when arriving and travelling throughout their holidays. On-site they have also increased the amount of plants, trees, shrubs and hedges thereby sustaining habitats for the local wildlife. Way to be green Ladram Bay!   

Alpine Park Cottages, Aylesbeare 

Nestled in the picturesque Devon countryside, Alpine Park Cottages offers a tranquil escape and a green getaway. These charming self-catering cottages blend Alpine aesthetics with English charm, providing a unique holiday experience. Set amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, guests can relish modern comforts in a serene environment.  

At Alpine Park Cottages, they are actively engaged in reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of tourism. Guests are encouraged to minimise rubbish that goes into the general waste bins by recycling and have implemented a number of recycling points on-site. They have also made the switch to use 100% renewable energy and those who have electric vehicles can now recharge their cars using said electric.  

 As well as the above initiatives, Alpine Park Cottages have also implemented water saving devices into all their toilets, donated 250 shopping bags to the local food bank so they no longer have to use single use plastic ones, have bat and bird boxes installed across the site to provide habitats for the local wildlife and fitted LED light bulbs into all their cottages. Fantastic work! 

Classic Cottages, Various Locations 

Classic Cottages is a premier holiday agency specializing in handpicked accommodations across the UK, including Exmouth and the surrounding area. With a curated collection of charming cottages, coastal retreats, and countryside hideaways, they offer a diverse range of options for memorable getaways. 

 As a fairly large agency, they’ve recognised the importance of leading the way for sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment. Their head office is eco-friendly complete with top of the range kit to keep their energy usage down, and they help the owners of the properties they manage to become more green too by providing their own ‘Green Scheme’. Not only this, but they’ve also supported a whole range of community projects, from beach cleans to local charities and providing their staff with volunteer days. Well done indeed, Classic Cottages! 

Beachcomber Holiday Apartments (As part of Sweetcombe Cottages) Exmouth 

Being a locally owned and operated agency with a legacy of more than 35 years, Sweetcombe Cottages places significant emphasis on sustainability.  

They employ nine local ladies who they work closely with as part of a small team and give work to over 150 self-employed local people in East Devon. These professionals range from dedicated housekeepers to a variety of skilled tradespeople. 

Sweetcombe Cottages’ commitment to the local community extends to their properties as well. They curate welcome hampers sourced from local businesses, offering guests a taste of the region’s delectable products. The allure of the region’s events, attractions, and picturesque landscapes draws visitors, and the agency actively promotes these local enterprises through blog posts, visitor guides, and newly introduced digital welcome guides.  

A source of pride for Sweetcombe is their contribution to the local economy. By attracting thousands of tourists to the area each year, they play a pivotal role in boosting the region’s economic vitality. This positive impact has a ripple effect, benefiting various other small businesses in the vicinity. 


Exmouth stands as a shining example of how travel and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. Its commitment to eco-friendly practices and conscious choices offers travellers a chance to explore its natural wonders with a clear conscience. By opting for eco-accommodations, supporting local businesses, and immersing ourselves in the region’s untouched beauty, we become stewards of the environment we admire.  

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