Sideshore – Championing Sustainability

Sideshore is a thriving and innovative Watersports centre situated on the picturesque seafront of Exmouth. It serves as a vibrant community hub, offering an extensive array of water-based activities, two cafes, a restaurant and bar, an art studio, cycle hire, kitesurf club, car parking, and a dedicated events area...

Committed to sustainability.

Sideshore has incorporated various environmentally friendly features such as solar power, ground source heat pumps, and electric car charging units. All electricity is sourced from renewable energy, and all lease agreements include green obligations for tenants. Sideshore was constructed to the highest standard and obtained an Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of A which was groundbreaking for a commercial building. There are 254-roof mounted Solar Panels which have averaged 71,000 KWH of renewable energy PA equating enough energy to power 20 homes. Over 14,000 cups are saved each year by supplying reusable mugs for coffee and 60-plus beach cleans take place each year. 7 electric vehicle chargers were built on site and a free water bottle filling station is available to all who visit. Sustainable goals are agreed by all events held on site and free educational Eco workshops have been provided for local Schools.

Managed by a Community Interest Company (CIC), Sideshore places a strong emphasis on its mission to foster community partnerships. It actively promotes social and environmental solutions to combat the climate and biodiversity crises. The centre’s mission is to effect meaningful social change by educating visitors, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, and safeguarding the local environment. Through its provision of water sports facilities, inviting social spaces, creative outlets, and sustainable practices, Sideshore has evolved into a dynamic and inclusive destination that enriches the community while promoting responsible engagement with the natural surroundings.

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