Look out for ‘The Exmouth Cup’

Did you know, 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are discarded globally every year? Only around 1% of single-use cups are recycled as they are lined with plastic. And so an item that is only used for the time it takes to drink a coffee, can take literally centuries to break down! Shocking, isn't it? 
exmouth cup

Look out for “The Exmouth Cup” – it’s a free reusable cup, launching in early September

At Exmouth Town Council, we’re on a mission to eliminate single-use cups in Exmouth. We know you probably have one (or two!) reusable cups already at home. And, if you’re like us, you usually forget to take them out with you. We think we’ve come up with a solution … 
We’ve partnered with Sideshore, leaders in all things eco and sustainable, to design and order 10,000 reusable cups and gift them to cafes in Exmouth. These cafes will in turn promote and ‘lend’ the Exmouth Cups to their customers, free of charge, explaining the eco rationale behind them.
Customers can return the borrowed cup (same day/next day, clean or otherwise) to any participating cafe. So, it won’t matter if you’ve forgotten your reusable cup – your favourite cafe should stock plenty of Exmouth Cups for you to borrow!
The Exmouth cup is thermal (it will keep your drink hot or cold), is carbon-zero after only three uses and can be fitted with a reusable or single-use lid. What’s not to love about it? 
The QR code on the cup will take you to a webpage all about the cup and its eco credentials; participating cafes; why we’ve launched the cup and how many are in circulation.
If you’re a cafe and would like to participate in the scheme, or if you care about the environment and would like to be added to our climate newsletter mail out, please email Zoey Cooper (Climate Officer): zoey.cooper@exmouth.gov.uk

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