Introducing the Exmouth Film Festival: Lights, Camera, Action from November 24th to 30th!

Prepare to be captivated as Exmouth proudly unveils the Exmouth Film Festival, scheduled to take place from November 24th to the 30th.

Guest Blog Post – Exmouth Film Festival 

This cinematic celebration is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven, community-based independent film festival orchestrated by the passionate team at Exmouth’s very own One Small Barking Dog media charity. They have teamed up with a stellar lineup of partners, including Scott Cinema, The Deaf Academy, Holy Trinity Church, Exeter Phoenix, The University of Exeter, Ocean, Exmouth Rugby Club, and Exmouth Town Council to make this event a reality.

Debbie Piper, an Exmouth resident and co-founder of OSBD media charity, enthusiastically expresses, “Exmouth so deserves a great film festival, so this year we are starting small but ambitious with some great films and events on offer with our brilliant collaborators and venues. We have deliberately made it fully accessible and very affordable so we hope the community will come and help us make it really worthwhile.”

Here’s a sneak peek into what the Exmouth Film Festival has in store for you:

1. A Variety of Films: Brace yourself for an exciting lineup of seven sc reenings that will take place at multiple fully accessible venues. Whether you’re a fan of the family-favourite Frozen sing-along or cherish the heartwarming Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Holy Trinity Church, you’ll find something that suits your taste. Additionally, The Deaf Academy will present the recently released and inspiring documentary “Name Me Lawland” about a deaf Iraqi refugee. It also offers you a chance to learn about the academy and how we can better support the deaf community as a town. Tickets for most screenings are priced at just £5.

2. Short Film Extravaganza: Get ready for an exceptional night of short films at Scott Cinemas, organised in collaboration with Exeter Phoenix. Make sure not to miss the recent award-winning “Scrapper,” a feel-good film fresh from the director’s chair, as well as the acclaimed documentary “Last Shop Standing” about record shops and vinyl. The evening will be enhanced with a vinyl DJ, setting the perfect ambiance for film enthusiasts.

3. A Touch of History: Exmouth Town Council is bringing the thought-provoking “The Age of Stupid” to the festival. This film, featuring the late brilliant Pete Postlethwaite, will have the director present for a Q&A session. The best part? Tickets are free, but don’t forget to reserve your spot through the festival’s website.

4. A Festival for Everyone: The Exmouth Film Festival prides itself on making film accessible and affordable for all. They’ve made a deliberate effort to ensure that every member of the community can participate in this cinematic extravaganza.

So, mark your calendars and make a date with the Exmouth Film Festival. Get ready for a cinematic journey that’s set to illuminate Exmouth. For a full schedule and more information, visit their official website at It’s time to celebrate the magic of the silver screen right here in Exmouth this November!


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