Best Places for Vegan Food in Exmouth

It’s no secret that Exmouth has a thriving food and drink scene. Whether you’re looking to grab a light bite to take away, a cosy coffee shop to settle in for the morning, or a restaurant to enjoy a big meal, There's plenty to choose from when it comes to Vegan food in Exmouth.
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In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness of the environmental and health benefits associated with choosing to eat less meat and dairy. So, no matter if you’re a die-hard vegan, or simply just want to be more mindful and sustainable with your food choices, with so many fantastic eateries in Exmouth, it’s not hard to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle. We’ve put together our top places for vegan food in Exmouth, read on to find out more.   


Although this list is in no particular order, we just have to start off with Sundowners! Located on The Strand, Sundowners is a wonderful independent vegetarian café, bar and takeaway in the heart of the town with fantastic vegan options. If you want to dine in you can enjoy a hearty plant-based breakfast in the morning, or enjoy salads, wraps and sandwiches at lunchtime. They also have a variety of takeaway options if you want to grab something quick to eat on the go. They even offer vegan sweet treats such as cakes and cheesecake – yum!  

Sundowners is also open late on a Friday and Saturday and will often have live music and a cocktail menu if you want a bit of evening entertainment!  

Postcards Café 

Another fantastic all-veggie café is Postcards, also located on The Strand. This independent, dog-friendly café is all about coffee and cake! Decked out in… you guessed it… postcards, this quaint eatery is passionate about introducing a bit of adventure and travel to Exmouth. 

Postcards has a wonderful menu filled with plenty of plant-based sweet and savoury treats made in-house by the husband and wife duo, or from other local suppliers from the South West, as well as some celebrated flavours from around the world.  


Spoken is the place to go if you’ve got a hankering for Mediterranean food. Once again located on The Strand, it’s the perfect location to enjoy dining alfresco in the summer. Inside the restaurant you’ll find Spanish and Latin décor and even a vintage scooter, giving off a truly Mediterranean vibe.  

 Whilst this restaurant isn’t fully veggie or vegan, they do have some great vegan tapas options to try, and not to mention they have a great spirit menu boasting 411 different gins, 126 rums and 204 vodkas!  

Parallel 50 

Just up the road from Manor Park, Parallel 50 are a fantastic independent takeaway where you can grab a tasty cup of coffee or a bite to eat to enjoy on the go. Serving both breakfast and lunch, you could grab some overnight oats, a freshly prepared Buddha bowl or a tasty sarnie!  

Be sure to check out their Instagram which shows their fantastic variety of different choices. With an array of tantalising vegan options, eating healthy never tasted so good!  

Namaste Himalaya Restaurant 

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a curry, head to Namaste Himalaya Restaurant that serves exceptionally unique and modern Indian-Nepalese fusion food. Sometimes it can be tricky knowing if a curry is vegan as some places will use ghee or cream, but with a dedicated vegan menu you don’t need to worry about consuming any meat or dairy here.  

Bumble and Bee 

Situated in the beautiful Manor Gardens, Bumble and Bee is a quaint tearoom that uses organic, locally sourced, seasonal produce wherever possible; all their dishes are handmade in their kitchen by talented chefs and bakers. It’s a great place to visit for brunch, and with a wide selection of plant-based and non-plant-based options, the whole family can sit down for a meal regardless of dietary preference.  

They also have two sister sites (Bumble and Tee and Bumble and Sea). Bumble and Tee, in Phear Park, is a small café serving tea, coffee and snacks – with a pitch and putt right next door! Bumble and Sea, serving take-aways, is a lovely walk along the seafront near Orcombe Point.  

Ristorante Sapori 

For a taste of Italy, pay a visit to Ristorante Sapori, located on Victoria Road in the town centre. Of course, there are a few ‘big chain’ Italian restaurants around, but this is the place to go for authentic Italian cuisine. Priding themselves on serving freshly cooked dishes, they use the finest quality ingredients to whip up some tantalising dishes. They boast some fantastic plant-based options including pasta, risotto and pizza, which certainly tick all the boxes in our books!  

 The Grapevine Brewhouse 

Centrally located, The Grapevine Brewhouse is a fantastic pub and brewery, home to Crossed Anchors Beer. Serving some fantastic local craft beer, it’s the perfect place to visit with friends if you’re looking to grab a burger and a beer as they not only offer vegan-friendly beers, but also vegan-friendly food. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and fantastic food, courtesy of Ruby Kitchen, make it an ideal evening hangout spot.  


A trip to the beach is not complete without ice cream so make a stop at Antonio’s for a scoop of fresh, locally-made ice cream. Antonio’s has a number of different vegan flavours, and not just the basic strawberry, vanilla and chocolate that you might be used to!   

Exmouth, with its breathtaking coastal beauty, is not just a haven for nature enthusiasts but also a paradise for plant-based food lovers. The diverse array of vegan-friendly eateries, from cosy cafés to upscale restaurants, ensures that there’s something for every palate. So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, don’t miss the chance to explore the vibrant plant-based food scene that Exmouth has to offer. 

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