Take a sunset paddle during ‘The Magic Hour’

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Have you ever been for a paddle at sunset? It’s a perfect end to an active day in Exmouth. Reviving the senses and stimulating the body.

Watch the sun set over Haldon Hill (to the west) reflecting colour onto the sea. The amazing light and calmer waters at this time of the day makes a paddle a truly inspiring experience.

Exmouth is the perfect place for a paddle at any time of the day.

Come on in… the water’s lovely!

Our tips:

  • If you are going to paddle, keep to the main swimming area of the beach – this is marked with signs. Some parts of the beach have extremely strong currents, be sure to avoid them.
  • Note: the lifeguard patrol on the beach ends at 17:30 (May – Sept).
  • Dusk, sometimes called ‘The Magic Hour’, is a great time to take photos. Although be careful not to drop your camera into the sea!
  • Why not bring some flasks of hot drinks to warm up after your dip? Or pop into a local pub and for a post-swim drink?
  • Tide information can be found here.

What the locals say…

“The light levels at dusk give everything a special glow and it’s most relaxing as the beach is less busy.”

Photography credits: Lukas Budimaier

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