BBQ at Pirate Cove

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There’s something about cooking outside that makes food taste so much better. Even the most low-key of sausages can be elevated to gastronomical heights.

Exmouth’s ‘Pirate Cove’ and Shelly Beach offers a cosy, sheltered nook that looks out towards the setting sun over the Exe Estuary. It really is the perfect place in Exmouth to have an evening BBQ.

No one knows why this small beach is called ‘Pirate Cove’. Perhaps it has something to do with the pirates that have called Exmouth home over the years?  Arguably the most infamous of their number was Captain William Kyd.

Our tips:

  • Only cook when the coal has turned grey and there are no flames. Cooking on flames will burn the outside of your food, leaving the inside raw.
  • Make sure you collect any rubbish you create, and dispose of your BBQ safely.
  • Disposable BBQs are allowed on our beaches but must be removed when finished and disposed of carefully. Please don’t place them in plastic litter bins.
  • You’re not allowed to light a fire on the beach.
  • Additionally, part of The Maer, has BBQ sites which are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Why not ask one of Exmouth’s fishmongers what they’d put on a barbie?

What the locals say…

“Why not try something a little different from sausages. It’s easy to get hold of great, locally caught, seafood in Exmouth’s fishmongers.”

Useful to know:

  • No fires on the beach, only BBQ's
  • Pirates Cove is also referred to as 'Shelly Beach'
  • A great spot to enjoy a takeaway or picnic if you don't fancy a BBQ
  • Please bring a bag for litter

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