Exmouth Beach Wheelchairs

Exmouth Town Council has developed a Beach Wheelchair Project this summer to hire out specially adapted wheelchairs for use on the beach.

Beach Wheelchair

The Project & Crowdfunder

The project has been funded through community donations raised via a Crowdfunder appeal set up by Councillor Pauline Stott, who initially conceived and championed the project, with match-funding from Exmouth Town Council, East Devon District Council, Devon County Council, The Norman Family Trust, South West Water and the Freemasons of Exmouth. Wheelchairs have also been donated by the Devon Super Team and The Claire Milne Trust.

wheelchair hire

Councillor Pauline Scott

“My ambition with this project has always been to enable as many people as possible to go to the beach with their families and friends, regardless of disability. Just imagine being in a position where you can see our wonderful beach but you are not able to go on it yourself … Well, hopefully, with Exmouth Town Council behind the project, everyone will soon have access and the project will succeed for many years to come.”

The Council would also like to thank the volunteers who have offered their time to hire out the wheelchairs and manage them being returned.